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To Lycra or Not to Lycra

That is the question

One of our first world problems always revolve around "What should I wear?" It's always a dilemma which can only be resolved when we arrive at our destination and get a chance to compare our outfits with others.

The reality is, this is always too late, invariably what we decide to wear is fine and all our anticipation and nervousness is completely wasted. But it doesn't stop the doubt or concern. So I sit here racked with that very same doubt and concern. What do I wear on my epic ride along the Bamboo Road?

Last year as I stopped for a break in Mornington with a couple of other riders, I needed to duck in to use the facilities, as I walked past a table a young boy sat with his mother, bringing a delicious muffin to his mouth. His gaping mouth froze as his eyes bulged, staring at me. He breathlessly said to his mum, not taking his eyes from me, "Mum, look, it's a Power Ranger".

That's right, me the Power Ranger, not a MAMIL, but a mythical super hero capable of defeating evil. Obviously he didn't see me on the ride down. He would clearly know, if he had, that Middle Aged Man in Lycra was a much more apt description. However, the desire of we cyclists to dress in form fitting Lycra, is a source of frustration and ridicule for those who haven't discovered the beauty of the pedal. Part of the reason is that the Lycra leaves nothing to the imagination.

Every lump, bump and ridge is not only visible but enhanced and bolstered when one is compressed in Lycra. All the science shows that Lycra reduces drag and therefore enhances speed and performance. Unfortunately, the science doesn't quantify the visual insult created by peletons ( I hope this is the collective noun for cyclists) of cyclists.

So I ponder my upcoming dilemma. Function and form. 28 days in the saddle. Heat and humidity seems to be the forecast. Tight shirt or loose shirt. One thing will be certain, whatever is tight at the start will be looser at the end. 2500kms should help drop a few kilograms. And then the shorts, Lycra or "modesty" shorts as they are known. I'm leaning toward loose and modest.

As I search for photos from previous trips I'm looking at the road conditions, the type of bicycle and the amount of baggage each participant has. I'm also trying to get an idea of what I should wear. I will keep procrastinating before I finally decide and will probably have a combination of loose and modest and Power Ranger Lycra.

After all, it wouldn't be fair to deprive a small Cambodian boy from the excitement of seeing a real life super hero, would it?

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